Vata recipe: Beetroot & tomato soup



Basic rule for Vata diet:
Embrace– Sweet, Sour, Salty, Warm, oily, heavy
Avoid– Astringent, Bitter, Spicy, Cool, light, dry

1 tablespoon of ghee – clarified butter
1 kg of beetroots
1 can of tomatoes
1 liter of water
Seasoning: sea salt, almond flakes, coconut flakes, basil

Preparation :
1. Wash the beetroots properly.
2. Cut the top and bottom parts of the beetroots.
3. Wrap the beetroots in aluminum foil and bake them at 200 degrees until tender. Peel and cut the beetroots into little pieces.
4. Heat the ghee in a saucepan, fry the prepared beetroots; add the tomatoes and pour water.
5. Cook until the ingredients become tender, and then season with salt and basil. Serve with coconut flakes and almond flakes.