Kapha recipe: Stir-fried vermicelli with sprouts

Basic rule: Embrace Bitter, Astringent, Spicy, Light, dry, warm Avoid Sweet, Sour, Salt, Oily & heavy. INGREDIENTS for 2 portions: –  2 small, or 1 large leek –  2 hands of soya sprouts –  A tablespoon of grated ginger –  4 cloves of garlic –  100g of bean-vermicelli    SEASONING:    –  Sesame oil    […]

Vata recipe: Beetroot & tomato soup

  Basic rule for Vata diet: Embrace– Sweet, Sour, Salty, Warm, oily, heavy Avoid– Astringent, Bitter, Spicy, Cool, light, dry Ingredient: 1 tablespoon of ghee – clarified butter 1 kg of beetroots 1 can of tomatoes 1 liter of water Seasoning: sea salt, almond flakes, coconut flakes, basil Preparation : 1. Wash the beetroots properly. […]

Ayurveda six tastes

THE SIX TASTES Taste is important and has a direct influence on our bodies.  In Ayurveda each food and herb has a specific taste (along with its prabhava), when we balance these tastes it keeps our body in balance. The taste buds on our tongues are organized into six groups — these are the six […]