Attention please

No matter what seeds you plant in your mind, eventually it will manifest in the outer world.
So pay attention to your thoughts, they will become words;
Pay attention to your words, they will become actions;
Pay attention to your actions, they will become habits,
Pay attention to your habits, they will become personalities,
Pay attention to your personality, it will become your destiny.
This is the law of universe, no one can grow rich fruits on poor soil. If we sow any thought in our mind and continue to work on it, it will inevitably manifest. But “Why don’t most people get what they want?”
The mind is like a garden, with all kinds of weeds coming out from time to time. Weeds are our negative thoughts that make us stuck, eg. the idea of โ€‹โ€‹self-doubt.
There are seasons for planting and harvesting, so we canโ€™t rush for success. Remember there is always a sacred timing for the manifestation. This process is helping us developing needed skills to attain the goal.
Therefore, be patient and be persistent.

And always pay attention please ๐Ÿ™‚