Yin Yoga Meridians & Asana LIVE online course

35 hours Yin Yoga Meridiens & Asana LIVE online yoga teacher training course

Techniques, Training & Practice (TTP)

Learning the 14 meridians and our biological clock. Knowing how to follow the seasonal guideline in order to enhance our wellness. Understand the limits in every nature.

Teaching Methodology (TM)

We will practice with intention and attention. Learning the major principles of yin yoga and asanas. The benefit of each pose and effect. Understanding the reality of the human body and mind. Slowly develop mindfulness into your yoga practice and outside of the yoga mat. Cultivate the ability to listen to your body and yourself and be non judgemental.

Anatomy & Physiology (AP)

Understanding everyone is unique. Alignment is personal, not universal. Knowing the tension is not always due to physical constraints but can be psychological as well as biological. We will also learn resistance & compression, stretch vs. stress. The difference between yin and yang practice. We tighten our muscles to protect our joints (yang). We relax our muscles so we can exercise our joints (yin).

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics (YPLE)

We don’t use the body to get into a pose- we use the pose to get into the body. When the practitioner starts to judge the pose by what it looks like rather than what it feels like, then the intention of optimizing health is lost. Therefore the challenge in yin yoga is to find what’s the best for you, and if you are feeling it, then you are doing it. The key is to let go of our ego, avoid injury and discover the guideline that works the best for us. And using this method to inspire your students.


Once the assignments and practicums are completed, you will be able to registered 35-hours CE hours from Yoga Alliance. And 35 training hours of YogaShe 300 hours yoga teacher training course.

This is also one part of YogaShe 100 hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training. You may just learn by parts, or join the full sections respectively.

Tuition: US$560 (accepting other currency, please email for details)

Enquiries: contact@yogashe.com