Yin Yoga Fascia LIVE online course

25 hours Yin Yoga Fascia LIVE online yoga teacher training course


Techniques, Training & Practice (TTP)

Understanding fascia and the function of our fascia. Introducing the 12 specific fascial lines and their relation with mobility. Introducing the connective tissues and how yin yoga practice can help to release the tension.

Teaching Methodology (TM)

We will cooperate with the knowledge of fascia and Yin yoga asana to explore our body movement. Normal movement of the body is allowed because of the presence of the fascial tissues and their inseparable interconnection, which allow the sliding of the muscular structure, the sliding of nerves and vessels between contractile fields and joints, and the ability of all organs to slide and move with each other as influenced by the position of the body. One of the fundamental characteristics of the fascia is the ability to adapt to mechanical stress, remodeling the cellular/tissue structure and mirroring the functional necessity of the environment where the tissue lays.

Anatomy & Physiology (AP)

Introducing the concept of connective tissue. The fascia includes everything that presumes the presence of collagen/connective tissue or from which it is derived. All the tissue considered as “specialized connective tissue” of mesodermal derivation are inserted into the fascial system. These include blood, bone, cartilage, adipose tissue, hematopoietic tissue, and lymphatic tissue. The fascial system has no discontinuity in its path, with layers of different characteristics and properties overlapping.

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics (YPLE)

Knowing one’s limits and being able to connect with your own body are the key during our practice. To be able to connect with your body and yourself, you would need to dive in and be persistent with your observations. Throughout the practice, we are not only learning how to connect with ourselves, but also to be able to feel any sensation from your body and mind.


Once the assignments and practicums are completed, you will be able to registered 25-hours CE hours from Yoga Alliance. And 25 training hours of YogaShe 300 hours yoga teacher training course.

This is also one part of YogaShe 100 hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training. You may just learn by parts, or join the full sections respectively.

Tuition: US$320 (accepting other currency, please email for details)

Enquiries: contact@yogashe.com