Prenatal yoga teacher training

prenatal ytt

85 hours Joyful Pregnancy Virtual online yoga teacher training

We invite you to join this healing and nourishing journey.

In this course, You will learn how to observe yourself and guide the pregnant women to see the true-self physically, emotionally and spiritually, with the knowledge of anatomy & physiology of pregnancy, combining serveral yogic techniques.

Let us connect with our inner wisdom, to witness the process; to be truthful &  joyful; to be empowered and transformed.

Next starting date in 2021:

4 October 2021

Next starting date in 2022:

3 Jan 2022

6 weeks online course

Every Mon & Tue Virtual zoom meeting

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Yoga techniques specialized to the needs of the pregnant woman, including practice and teaching skills for trimester-specific and postpartum yoga techniques. Techniques include: alignment for the expectant mother, appropriate yoga techniques for each trimester and postpartum, how to practice yoga techniques safely and relaxation and stress management techniques.

The course will also teach the ‘forth trimester’ Baby-mom yoga which is a good way of bonding with the little one, as well as to ease ourselves back into exercising!

Design of lesson plans for the beginning and/or advanced student during each trimester and postpartum. Participants will learn the important guidelines of prenatal yoga classes, including the verbal cues, contraindications, avoiding compression of abdomen, beneficial poses, connection to self and baby, and mindfulness; and how to apply them to their classes in different trimesters and postpartum.

Human anatomy and physiology (both physical and subtle body) related specifically to considerations during pregnancy. Topics include overview of what is normal anatomy and physiology during pregnancy, how organs function during pregnancy, overview of the complications and solutions.

The birth story and limbic imprint

Participants will learn about our birth story & its healing power, and the limbic imprint and why they are important to us, to our society and to our future generations.

“To change the world, we must first change the way the babies are being born.”
Do you ever think about your own birth story and how it is related to your life? A mom-to-be is not only the one who give birth but also holding the chance to be reborn and be healed.
Our online course will open you the gate of transformation.
As a mom-to-be, you may transform the world by how you care your mind, body and way to give birth. Be inspired and inspire others!

Yoga Therapeutics and Restoration

Understanding why and how to use serveral techniques including chanting (sound), breathing, mudras, meditation, sacred ritual, affirmations, visualization and yoga nidra for pregnancy.

Pregnancy & Infant massage

The students will learn some techniques to massage prenatal/ postpartum women safely and also the infant, which may apply in the prenatal workshop or mom-and-baby class.

Foot reflexology

Practical class of foot massage specific for pregnant women. Several ways for different purpose will be introduced to the participants.

Yoga philosophy which apply to lifestyle and well-being during pregnancy.

Our child first learns from the mother’s state of consciousness while in the womb. Everything we consciously experience, our state of mind, and our relationship to the world are all transmitted to our child and become the foundation of the child’s subconscious, which is the root of his/ her personality. So, being rejoice as a mom-to-be, let us celebrate by meditation with a calm and quiet mind.

Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicine Principles of habit, diet and nutrition considering prenatal and postpartum period.

Birth Education

Understanding of the Positioning and Stages, and learn serveral techniques such as comfort measures to ease pain and conducting birth plan which could apply to birth workshops.

Practice & Practicum

Participants will practice, observe and have chance to practice teaching prenatal and postpartum yoga classes.

Course language: English

Virtual meetings Schedule

3-4pm – Yogic birth/ physiology class

4-5pm – Pregnancy yoga workshop/ practicum and Q&A session

*Central European Time


It is a combinition of LIVE and Self-study online course. Participants will get a PDF Teacher Manual, practical Videos, Study materials in PDF / Powerpoint, useful resources & if needed: a personal consultation.

For those who would like to get accreditation are required to conduct the assigned homeworks and 5 hours teaching practicum.


YogaShe is a Registered Prenatal Yoga School (RPYS) with Yoga Alliance. Students who complete this course with YogaShe are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT).

To register as a RPYT, one must have completed a 200 hour YTT, and teach 30 additional hours in prenatal yoga after completing this training.

Click here for 200 hours self pace one-on-one LIVE Online YogaShe teacher training info

Tuition: US$997 (accepting other currency, please email for details)

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*please write down your preference date of the course in the application form

February 28, 2021

I’m deeply touched and inspired. This is not only a class of pregnancy yoga. This is a journey of self discovery. It is about conscious birthing on all levels, i understand myself deeper as a woman. There’s lots of birthing knowledge and wisdom in the course, but the most important and touching part is experiencing the connections between our body and our inner strength, and at the same time to acknowledge our vulnerability with acceptance and non- judgemental mind.

February 28, 2021

I have gained so much from the training! I learned so much in a short amount of time.
On a personal level, it reconnected me back to my practice and reignited my love for teaching. I gained confidence again and feel like Sheila facilitated us to go deeper and find our path within the training. It's given me a breath of fresh air and excitement again.


February 26, 2021

I gained a lot of knowledge about pregnancy, feel like I finally understood what happens during pregnancy, and know more about women (which I didn't take time to get to know before, although I'm a woman). Apart from the knowledge, I also gain some energy from my classmates that make me feel "the passion of life”. I love all the sharing part and get to know ever beautiful souls.
I also can feel the difference in my teaching style, during pregnancy yoga I feel I leveled up my ability of class designing, feel I’m more careful than before.

March 1, 2021

I gain a lot of insight about my own journey as a human being. I haven't consciously touched the topic of my own birth until now. The training also showed me what I know so far about pregnancy and pre- /peri- /postnatal, about the woman's body and process, and it gave me more insight to the world of a becoming mom.

Pregnancy is a journey of extending life and dive into our lineage & birth experience. No matter how muddy the world is, we can still blossom like a lotus. It is the time to be connected within, and celebrate through our breathe and movement; to maintain healthy body and mind; to witness the process; to be truly joyful at the moment; to be empowered and transformed; to love and be loved.

Anyone who completed YogaShe 85 hours joyful pregnancy yoga teacher training are invited to join our in-person pregnancy yoga teacher training for free (without food/ accomodation). 

Location: Poland, Europe

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*please write down your preference date of the course in the application form

Bonus: Those who has completed this course with approved teaching practicums and assignments are considered completed 85 hours of our upcoming 300 hours teacher training!

About YogaShe 300 hours yoga teacher training:

Module 1: Advanced Holistic Yoga & Physiology

  • An inner yogi eye to see our body and mind              
  • The art of guiding, touching, and building a holistic Yoga class
  • Ways of projecting in a harmony way
  • The dharma, the selfless offerings   

Module 2: Yin Yang Yoga & Mindfulness

  • A life circle: Yin & Yang
  • The power of effortless & stillness
  • The original mind, the purest moment

Module 3: Nourishing feminine body-mind & Pregnancy Yoga

  • Moon cycle and life of women
  • A gateway of freedom and happiness
  • Yogic pregnancy, birth and reborn

Pregnancy is a karmic contract between the souls: mother, father, baby and the ancestors. At the moment of conception, the elements of life including earth, water, fire, air and ether begin to dance, where the human form starts to take shape in the womb of the mother. Being pregnant, having a chance to carry the baby in the holy temple, we are bind to love and share every moment with this soul. The best gift to the child, is to be mindful and conscious with every single act.

May you be joyful and peaceful!

Blessings from Sheila, lead trainer of this prenatal ytt course.

Application: Please fill in the form

*please write down your preference date of the course in the application form

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Thank You!